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Contributed by: Ruth Margrove

Taking the leap of faith and choosing to do something a little bit different with your holiday can be genuinely liberating; the most challenging moments are often what we remember for the rest of our lives. Get out of your comfort zone and discover what the world has to offer through the experience of adventure. Patagonia, the Southern region of South America, spanning much of Chile and Argentina, boasts some of the most dramatically spectacular landscapes in the continent. From the southern portion of the Andes mountains to the plains of Argentina this region is carved with glacial passages and crystal clear lakes. To get your holiday off to an exciting start, try an expedition of the wild kind, here are a few ideas for making Patagonia your adventure holiday destination.

White Water Rafting
Cross the Andes on a white water rafting expedition that will get your adrenaline pumping. Rio Manso is situated on the western frontier of the Argentinian boarder, in the Rio Negro province. This is where your white water rafting expedition will begin. The journey will take you down the Manso River to the Chilean border for your passport to be stamped in a cabin in the woods, before continuing to Torrentoso, Rio Steffan and ending in Lago Tura Tura, on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. By the time you arrive in Lago Tura Tura, you will have completed the exciting mission of crossing the Andes by raft. Take in spectacular landscapes and enjoy beautiful camping spots, making this an expedition of a lifetime.

Patagonia also has some spectacular mountain ranges to discover on foot. The landscape is rugged and transversed by glaciers, with the stunning panoramas mirrored in its beautiful clear lakes. These wild lands are sparsely populated due to the nature of the landscape, but is ideal for trekking. With the possibility to trek routes of differing expertise levels, Patagonia can be ideal for everyone from the beginner, to the experienced hiker. See the Los Glaciers national park where the famous Mt. Fitzroy peak touches the clouds and take a hike to the Torre Glacier, overlooking the south Patagonian icecap – this scene will blow you away.

Horse Riding
Riding on horseback is a great way to access some of Patagonia’s less accessible, but stunning, scenery. No matter what your level of skill, just saddle up and ramble through Argentina’s wild grass plains and up through the hills, where the sweeping landscape stretches out before you. Riding in northern Chile will take you to the green Cochamo Valley to see plunging waterfalls, while the Argentinian Bariloch Lake District in the Andes foothills also draws visitors. The Tierra del Fuego National Park in the south is also a fantastic place on trek through. With stony beaches, cliffs and forests, this is the last point you can reach before Antarctica.

Patagonia is an undiscovered region of varied landscapes that is apt for exploration by the intrepid traveler. An adventure of the Patagonian type will have you scaling glaciers, rafting down rivers and cantering through grass planes on horseback. Take to the hills and find your adventurous side.

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This guest post was written by Ruth Margrove on behalf of Swoop Patagonia, a bespoke travel company which organises fantastic tours of the Patagonia region of South America. Ruth is a travel writer and blogger who loves to experience the thrills of discovering new countries through trekking.

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