Trying Not to Cheat on Valentine’s Day

Let your sweetheart know you do not want a box of chocolates to express their undying love for you; all of that love is killing you!

Trying Not to Cheat on Valentine's DayWhy is it so hard not to cheat on Valentine’s Day… on your diet, that is?

First off, let your sweetheart know that you do not want a heart-shaped box of chocolates to express their undying love for you because all of that love is killing you!

Sure, you would think they have seen you struggle with your weight since the first of the year when you once again made a New Year’s resolution to drop a few pounds. They have seen you working out and going to the gym. They have seen you eating healthier, smaller portions of food. They have witnessed your avoidance of appetizers, comfort foods and desserts, too. But what else have they witnessed? All of your complaining!

You go to the gym then complain about the pain, you eat less and complain about being hungry, you skip the junk food and then whine about your cravings. Of course your lover wants to give you a big box of chocolate and be your hero!

All you “lovers” out there need to realize this is sabotaging their efforts to gain control of their weight. Get them something else, anything else, for Valentine’s Day as long as it doesn’t involve pounds of chocolate and little candy hearts or anything else that will lead to a 3 – 5 pound weight gain!

This is not just about February 14th either. Avoid the candy dish at the office, at your mother’s and at your best friend’s house. Do not even look at the impulse items while you stand in line at the grocery store. Marketing specialists put the tempting treats there on purpose… for Valentine’s Day, then Easter and don’t even get me started on Halloween! If Super Bowl didn’t get to you, this may be your first real test of self control for 2012 and you can pass with honors as long as you stay conscious of the temptation to cheat on Valentine’s Day.


So what can you do for Valentine’s Day?

The trick here is moderation and sticking to your goals:

    -Make a healthy and oh-so-very romantic dinner at home.
    -You could skip the wining and dining and go straight for the romance (wink, wink).
    -Go to dinner and order anything you wish, but bring half of it home in a to-go box.
    -Have a glass of red wine and DO NOT feel guilty about it.
    -Do not skip your regularly attended workouts this week, maybe even add an extra one.
    -Wear snug fitting clothes and don’t loosen the belt; know when you’ve had enough.
    -Go for the dark chocolate if you must.
    -Get the “Fun Size” of M&M’s, not the 2-pound package.
    -Order the “Like It” size at Cold Stone Creamery, not the “Gotta Have It.”
    -Have a small slice of cake.
    -Don’t “stuff” yourself or the “romance” won’t be as much fun!

Maybe you don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day or worse yet… you get stood up! This is still no time to go into an emotional fit of binge eating. If this is a possibility for you, prepare right now for alternative plans that do not involve visiting romantic places for a “date night”. Avoid the movie theatre and all restaurants. Maybe go shopping and buy a new pair of pants, shoes or a piece of jewerly. Make healthy plans with your single friends.

You will never reach your goals if you restrict yourself from everything all of the time. This is a lifestyle change and you are permitted to enjoy the tasty treats on occasion and in moderation; THAT, my friends is truly the key to successfully making a permanent change.

Ladies WetsuitAll of that aside, bathing suit season is just around the corner and I will discuss exercise in next Monday’s article, but until then… I beg you, if you have just been reading my column and have not yet started actively participating in a routine of cardiovascular and muscle strengthening activities, it is time to get off of the computer and up out of your chair and begin. Please, please, please, at the very least, go for a fast paced walk for 30-45 minutes three, four, five or six days this week, depending on your personal fitness level.

Think about it, we are only about six weeks away from spring break, so you had better start toning up that body now or take up scuba diving! Why? Because if you are out of shape for swimsuit season… well, everyone looks thinner in a full-body wet-suit!

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    I guess this means no Chocolate covered caramels or Coldstone ice Cream Cake for me HUH!!!

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