Local artist Paula Porterfield Izzo designed the Festival Poster

Just two weeks before the start of the Amelia Island Film Festival on February 24, some real recognition comes to the island with the selection of Executive Director Rick Traum’s drama “Displaced Person” for screening at the NAACP’s Youth Council.
Even though its production dates back almost 30 years ago, the deeper storyline is as current as today. The Governor’s Office of Film and Entertainment here in Florida recognized that proudly in yesterday’s edition of News & Events.

Following is the entire article that was distributed statewide by the Governor’s Office:

(Amelia Island, Fla.) Florida resident and Emmy Award winning executive director Rick Traum’s drama, “Displaced Person”, has been chosen to screen at the NAACP’s Youth Council. The show won the 1985 Emmy for “Outstanding Children’s Program” for its producers.

‘Displaced Person’ is the story of a post World War II black German boy orphan who seeks his father. The time is ”some years after the last war in Germany,” the war that ended 60 years ago. German nuns are running an orphanage for children born mostly after the war. Some of the local folk try to guess the nationalities of their fathers. There is no doubt about one boy – Tobias. Tobias is black so he can only be American.

Although his name is Tobias, the townspeople have dubbed him “Joe Louis.” Tobias has never seen or met another black person. So when he hears that there are several blacks among a contingent of American soldiers moving through the village, he is determined to find his REAL father despite the warnings of Sister Agnes. When he sees a group of American soldiers, he attaches himself to the African American Sergeant in charge. The boy has never seen an adult African American and calls him “Papa”. The boy is a bundle of unquestioning love. Sergeant Davis fights off his unexpected feelings of compassion for Tobias. Both are, for their brief time together, displaced persons.

Rick Traum is an Emmy Award-winning Producer and entertainment executive. Rick received his Emmy as Executive Producer for an American Playhouse on PBS and has produced many network television specials and theatrical events during his career. He is also the recipient of a Cine Golden Eagle Award, a Telly Award, and a Cable Ace Award. Rick was Commercial Producer for “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” and has held senior corporate positions including Director of Late Night Programming for NBC where he was executive in charge of “Saturday Night Live”.

Rick was also Senior Vice President of Finance & Production for Radio City Music Hall Entertainment, Producer for Radio City Productions Large-Scale Special Events, and CFO for Radio City Music Hall corporate. He has been a consultant to Walt Disney World Entertainment serving as a Park Producer for Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Entertainment Producer for the $30M Rhino Rally attraction at Busch Gardens Tampa. Recently, Rick served as a Producer on the award-winning feature film “The Touch” and served on the Board of Directors for the Amelia Island Film Festival, The Mount Dora Theatre Company / IceHouse Theater, and the 441 Performing Arts Center. Rick and his novelist wife Nadine Vaughan have made Amelia Island their home.