Two Really Quick Facebook Tips

Here are two really quick Facebook tips for you... let me know if you have other social media concerns.

Two Really Quick Facebook TipsFacebook Tip #1: If your business has a Fan Page and you want people to “Like” it, it is a good idea to “Like” the pages of your friends, customers, family and sponsors. Remember, people like to do business with people they like… pun intended!

Now, here’s another quick tip for Facebook users:

Recently Facebook made some changes and suddenly I was no longer receiving updates from friends and pages that I like. Even though you are allowed to have something like 5,000 friends, Facebook likely did this to save a bit of space.

Someone posted a comment about the changes, (and I apologize, but I can’t for the life of me remember who it was) so I went snooping around in my account and sure enough, I had to change a setting on my account to see all of the posts from my friends and pages.

Here is the easy fix so you too, can once again read the status and comments of all of your Facebook buddies:

    -Click on the drop down menu next to “Most Recent” (a little blue arrow pointing downwards).
    -Scroll to the bottom of the menu and click on “Edit Options”.
    -The very first option says, “Show posts from:”
    -Open that menu, then highlight and click on “All of your friends and pages”.
    -Click “Save” at the bottom and you are done!

Do other issues or questions regarding social networking have you puzzled? Drop me an email at and I will try to help you out! We may even address your concerns in an upcoming article.

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  1. ameliadude

    I too could not figure out why I was not seeing some updates but this fixed that problem. Thanks!!!

  2. SEO USA

    Facebook always great..what they have to started..that all be going to successful..thanks for Facebook tips.. well posed here..

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