Under the T-top – Flounder Fishing

Under the T-top - Flounder Fishing
By: Jamie D.

If you haven’t made plans to be outdoor over the next few days then you will really be missing out on some of the best weather Northeast Florida has to offer. The cooler temperatures will bring with them some of the best fishing I‚Äôve seen all year long and just when you think it‚Äôs as good as its going to get, it fools you again and gets a little better.

Over the past month the Red Bass run has been in full swing. Large and giant Reds have been reported all along the rivers and inlets in good numbers giving anglers a real work out when they hook one of the saltwater powerhouses. Along with the Reds the fall Flounder have shown up also and with good size. I started hearing of a few caught here and there throughout the summer but most were landed by local experienced fisherman who guard their fishing “honey” holes like a pirate does gold. But anyone who wishes to catch a local Fernandina Flounder should get going now.

Small bull head minnows purchased at any local bait and tackle shop bounced right on the bottom will give you best chance of hooking up with these pancake styled fish. Try the Cumberland Sound jetties right up where the sand meets the rocks. The Flounder have taken up residence in the shallower water here, less than four feet deep. The last of the outgoing or the first of the incoming tide seems to be the best, but I wouldn’t let that deter me if the tides don’t cooperate with your schedule. The way I look at it, the fish gotta eat and why not a meal located on the end of your pole. Use your lighter spinning rod and real with a live bait hook on a small monofilament leader. Several split shots will be needed to get the bait down but remember less is more in this scenario so only enough weight to get the job done no more. These fish will be here for the next month or so in good numbers but you can’t catch them from your office or home. If you are like most of us after a busy work week the hardest part is getting engaged, but once you do, I promise you won’t regret it. The outdoors will recharge you like nothing else and any fish you catch will be a bonus.

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