Value Adjustment Board Receiving Reduced Number of Petitions

This year, about 145 petitions were filed with Nassau County, a sizable difference compared to the 425 petitions filed last year.

Value Adjustment Board Receiving Reduced Number of PetitionsNassau County, FL – According to the Nassau County Property Appraiser’s Office, there has been a significant reduction in petition filings with the Value Adjustment Board (VAB) for 2013, thanks in part to greater communication between the appraiser’s office and property owners.

If property owners do not agree with their classification, exemption, or property value, they have the right to file a petition with the Value Adjustment Board within 25 days from the time the notice of proposed property taxes were mailed. The filing deadline this year was September 10th.

Property Appraiser Mike Hickox explains that he and his staff met with many property owners to help them better understand their value. “Many of them just wanted to know how we determined the value,” said Hickox. “Even after the deadline, we would still like property owners to call if they have questions concerning their value or exemption.”

“The petition process is a good way for us to measure our performance,” said Chief Deputy Kevin Lilly. “A greater number of petitions obviously means we are missing the mark somewhere. We are continuously working to be equitable around the county.”

This year, about 145 VAB petitions were filed with the Nassau County Clerk’s office, a sizable difference compared to the 425 petitions filed last year.

Hickox says he is pleased with the decreased number of petitions filed and commended his staff for working so hard. Hickox continued, “We will always have tax reps filing on properties before they review their clients value.”

The next step will be the exchanging of evidence and hearings with the Special Magistrate, who will then make recommendations to the Nassau County Value Adjustment Board.

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