Video Interview with Writer-Director Sean Ackerman

Filming a major motion picture in 18 days takes a lot of talent, determination, quality equipment and a strong and cooperative location: Amelia Island

Sean Ackerman directing on Amelia Island beach

You instantly like Sean Ackerman the first time you meet with him. He has an open smile, no inclination of pretense and appears to master a natural insight in human relations. Before The Diary of Preston Plummer came to town I had never heard of him nor producer Jane Kelly Kosek, so the logical thing to do was to go to Google search, where Sean Ackerman has only a couple of entries, which I would still qualify as a Virgin in the industry. But on an old New York Times page I found a link to a trailer of a movie he wrote,  produced and acted in, in 2005 titled “Straightline”.
The production was credited to Jane Kelly Kosek and Wonder Entertainment and I came to the conclusion that Indie (independent) movies work from a support zone that includes “blindly” trusting each other’s capabilities and talents as a necessity to stay inside budgets, while maximizing talent, creativity and workstyles.

I enjoyed the trailer on “Straightline” as it depicts a young man taking a chair, small desk, a cardboard with pictures and a glass of water into the pasture where he sits down and starts studying the pictures, obviously filled with emotional interactions. The production was the purest form of Passion without Budget I can imagine. Sean once said of this project: “I think we were all just really dedicated to making a great little movie no matter what.  And so we made a wonderful movie on three different film formats in five countries and we did it for the price of an SUV.  I think that says a lot about the crew of 6 in total.  All 6 of us were really talented, really dedicated, and really believed in the project.”

Now 5 years later Sean’s first major project saw a big step up with more than 30 people in the crew and an accomplished cast consisting of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s oldest daughter Rumer, heart throb male lead Trevor Morgan and veteran star Robert Loggia, and supporting roles from Erin Dilly and Christopher Cousins.
This jump in recognition vouches for Sean’s talent as writer and director and Jane Kelly Kosek as producer. The two who already partnered in the 2005 production of Straightline, worked out the production details, financing was secured in early July  and production started in early August. 18 Days was scheduled start to finish for production  and I think they made it on the dot.

Illinois native Ackerman, studied film at NYU (New York University) where he met Brian and Susan McCarthy’s daughter Danielle, which relation brought him to Amelia Island. Thirteen years and numerous visits later he gave back his love and appreciation by situating his next project, The Diary of Preston Plummer, right here on Amelia Island.

Understanding how hard it is to find financing for movie projects in today’s economy, let alone Indie projects, it says a lot about the strength of Sean’s script and story line looking at the Cast, the production size and the equipment filmed with.
Sean Ackerman has the potential and charisma to naturally communicate and direct his stories on a emotional level that audiences will appreciate and investors can bank on. Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach and Oysterbay Harbour are proud to have been selected as a stepping stone on his way to the top.

TJ Seaton, one of many local extras in the movie, interviews Sean Ackerman about his work.


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