VIP Dog Salon Grooms Aflac Duck

The Aflac Duck just loves Jennifer at VIP Dog Salon. Ducks are difficult to groom but Jennifer didn't ruffle his feathers once!

 VIP Dog Salon Grooms Aflac DuckThe Aflac Duck had a great time being groomed at the VIP Dog Salon this morning. He was a little messy from playing out in the duck pond but that didn’t deter Jennifer! Jennifer had The Aflac Duck looking spiffy in a flash!

Jennifer is the owner and Senior Groomer at VIP Dog Salon and NOW boarding! She was born and raised in Bristol, CT and started working with dogs when she was 8 years old. Jennifer was even a Jr. Handler in AKC shows until she was 17. At 18, Jennifer started working at Petco as a dog bather and was quickly asked if she would like to attend training as a groomer. Jennifer worked as a groomer for Petco for a little over a year before being offered a position in West Harford, CT in a private salon with a master groomer who mentored Jennifer and taught her so much. Jennifer spent 5 years with this master groomer while growing in her field attending trade shows and seminars.

Jennifer takes great pride in her education as a groomer as well as studying animal behavior and pack mentality as well as basic health, anatomy, CPR and first aid. After completing an extensive course, Jennifer worked as an intern with some of the best veterinarian’s in the CT area. Jennifer was offered jobs in veterinary medicine but refused the offers because grooming is her passion.

Jennifer is truly passionate about grooming. She really enjoys training puppies to stand on the table and become a dog that loves grooming. Jennifer takes pride in the fact that her clients love her and really like to come back and greet her with big wet kisses. Aflac Duck waited his turn for a smooch too after his grooming! VIP Dog Salon is one the newest businesses in Fernandina Beach to offer Aflac to their staff! Congratulations Jennifer on choosing Aflac for your voluntary benefits!

VIP Dog Salon is excited to announce that they are now offering boarding! Be sure to stop in or call Jennifer at VIP Dog Salon, 1559 S. 8th Street, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034 or (904) 628-1847.

Article contributed by Nancy Dervaes.

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