We Are First and Foremost Emotional Beings

When an emotional challenge arises, retreating to our emotional caves may work for a bit, but also result in misunderstanding and confusion.

Starting the Day with this view and a softly slapping surf

No matter the emotion, this is what keeps me inside the markers of sanity.

Us humans have a problem that we often try to avoid acknowledging or deliberately try to forget that at the end of the day, before we are anything else, we are emotional beings. Our emotions control to an infinite degree what we do during the day, and how personally successful or unsuccessful we feel when the day is over.

Find that you get angry quickly? Or even depressed more often than normal? Maybe you’re mad at yourself. Maybe you’re being too hard on yourself and you need to lower your own expectations. That’s right, you might need to forgive yourself. What could become an emotional source of strength in time of difficulty often becomes a cave of depression and negativity, sometimes because of negative conditioning and/or lack of knowledge, but it often is simply a personal cop-out of embracing responsibility. Maybe you want too much out of yourself, and you are reaching too high.

It is easier to ignore spiritual help and motivation and simply become angry at a problematic situation, or even depression, depending on how you have trained yourself, or even as our parents and/or friends have trained us. Many would rather climb into their cave and cry instead of face a problem head on. Or someone may in their personal frustration simply get angry, and take it out on their kids or spouse or work.

When a difficulty or problem arises, although retreating to our emotional caves may work for the moment, they will most often create misunderstanding and/or confusion. But when you go into your cave, what you don’t realize is there is a great and powerful spiritual help waiting to offer its own strength and to help supply wisdom to the darkest corners of the cave. There is nothing wrong with being confused, misunderstood, or angry, but it is a great unforgivable ignorance to ignore divine help when it is waiting to serve you.

Ask for help, from another person or your spiritual guide. Even if you don’t talk to Him much, seek the Lord’s help. Tell Him you need some guidance. “Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and He shall sustain thee.” Explain what you understand of your unfortunate circumstances and ask Him what you should do. Surrender, lay down your problems, stop trying to come up with answers, and see what Wisdom you get. Indeed, the wisdom may be just to rest, but it may be rest is what you need.

Have faith and confidence in the God who loves you more than you can love yourself. You will be amazed in how your confidence in that Love alone can be an answer to your greatest problems.

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