Pirates for Halloween
Pirates do not dress like swashbucklers on Halloween. Pirates are, among their other attributes, consummate non-conformists. How can they dress like pirates on Halloween when everyone else dresses like them?

How do Pirates dress for Halloween? They can’t strap on a peg leg, prop a plastic parrot on their shoulders, apply an eye patch and wrap a red bandana around their scurvy heads. That’s no fun at all – not for a real Pirate on Halloween. That would be like a landlubber wearing the same suit and “business casual” clothing that he/she wears to work each day.

Pirates do not conform to the norms of behavior. Pirates must do the unexpected. Therefore, Pirates must dress as other than Pirates when everyone else is dressing like them! When others are donning buccaneer attire such as boots, hats, swords and breeches, Pirates are dressed as clowns, super heroes, vampires, and devils.

For the landlubber that chooses to be a Pirate for Halloween, there are many options available. The great thing about Pirates is that they always look extraordinarily attractive. It is difficult to find a Pirate costume that makes one look ugly and scary. Dressing as a Pirate makes you look really good.

Anyone who dresses up as a Pirate will also be ready to have a lot of fun. Real Pirates may have done a lot of questionable things, but all of the plundering and pillaging is definitely fun.

Now you know. Pirates, just like everyone else, like to wear costumes on Halloween. If you see Pirates this Halloween, be assured that they are not true Pirates. Aarrgghhh!