What to Expect When the Property Appraiser Comes for Inspection

Florida Statutes require the Property Appraiser's field staff visit each property once every five years.

What to Expect When the Property Appraiser Comes for InspectionNassau County, FL – Throughout the year, the Nassau County Property Appraiser’s Office receives calls about our staff visiting properties. Florida Statutes require our field staff to visit each property once every five years. We do this in an effort to fairly assess properties in an efficient and consistent manner.

To make you aware, and to help you feel safe, here’s what you can expect when a member of our field staff comes to your home:

-They will show up in a pickup truck with our office logo on the side and yellow county license plate.
-Our field staff will wear a polo style shirt bearing our logo and they will have a lanyard around their neck with identifying credentials.
-They will knock on your door and thoroughly explain the reason for their visit. Reasoning may include a routine check, which we complete every 5 years, or to assess new construction or an addition to your property.
-They will take a front and rear photograph of the property and any new additions. They do not need to enter your home.
-Our field staff will always leave a business card with you that includes their name and our office phone number.
-Always, and most importantly, our field staff will be courteous and respectful to every property owner.

If you are approached by someone claiming to be from our office, please ask them to show you their identification. If they are inquiring about your property or surrounding properties and they do not meet the description of anyone from our office and their vehicle was not one of our county trucks, please call our office immediately 904-491-7300.

Should you have any questions or concerns when a member from our office visits your property, please give us a call. We are here to help.

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