What’s Up, Ho?

Lucky for you Punk, that I am good natured, because if you pulled this crap with someone else, you may have been shot!

What's Up, Ho?I may go to prison the next time some punk speeds through my neighborhood and believes hollering the greeting, “What’s up, Ho?” is an appropriate way to address me on my own property! Yes, while standing in my own driveway after having just walked my dog, an unfamiliar car comes speeding up my street. The car slows as it approaches and the passenger sticks his head out the window and hollars, “What’s up, Ho?”

Really? I rushed the dog into the house and shouted something to my husband about the little brat that had just driven past and headed back outside. The only way to get out of my neighborhood was for him to make another trip past me. Now, for those of you who know me, I am usually very patient with the youth in our community but I’m human and once in awhile… well, enough is enough! I had a thing or two I wanted to shout back in return.

Who is raising their children to think this is an appropriate way to address an elder? And by elder, I mean an adult; someone older than the punk doing the shouting.

Where do we lay the blame? On rap or country music, heavy metal or MTV? B-rated movies that glamorize violence, sex and rudeness? Do we blame the parents who believe if you spank your kid you may go to jail; or if you yell at them it is verbal abuse?

As the mother of three, I am directly placing the blame for this youngster’s rude behavior on the shoulder of his parent(s)! Society has come a long way, but is it the right way? Some say it takes a village to raise a child. Well you know what? Yes, it will take a village to raise your little punk, especially when the parents won’t do their job.

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard parents say, “Oh no, not my kid.”

“Well, YES, Mr. and/or Mrs. Doe, often it is YOUR child!”

It is not society’s job to raise your kids. This responsibility is your’s and your’s alone. It should not be placed on our teachers, our clergy, our neighbors, or for our young adults to feel pressured to be mentors and examples. That is the parent’s job!

People are tired. The economy is down, folks are depressed and it is the holiday season… another HUGE stressor for many people. Lucky for you Punk, that I am good natured, because if you pulled this crap with someone else, you may have been shot!

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  1. Anonymous

    I’m with you. Took my little snorkie across Fletcher to the beach yesterday. Punk comes racing down from Main Beach at about 80mph. I make the slow down sign, he gives me the finger! 

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