RedNecks have Christmas too
RedNecks have Christmas too

As we approach this holiday season I am reminded of my childhood. When people genuinely cared for one another and random acts of kindness were common place. For real, what happened to the value system of my childhood. Young men and women today do not express the same values of my generation. This is extremely frightening to me. It seems today’s youths have no respect for others’ property or feelings.

Truly, where did random acts of kindness go?

Our jails are filled with our youths and nothing positive can come from that situation. Our country feels the urge to impose its will on the world. Our financial, as well as, moral value system is completely out of balance.

Fifteen year old teenagers ambush and kill an innocnet Pizza Delivery woman. Disgusting I’d say. Everything that is identified as “America” has turned totally false. The government does not really want us to be united. United we pose a bigger threat.

Here’s what I propose in my own limited way, Take just ONE MINUTE OF YOUR TIME DAILY to share a random act of kindness with one of your significant beings or a stranger at the post office or the grocery store.

If nothing else you’ll get a rush and for that one fleeting moment THE WORLD WOULD BE A BETTER PLACE. It’s really easy, I know you remember. We are given this gift we call “life”…. embrace it!!¬†Share in its wonderment. Bask in its glow.

Now, the rest is up to YOU!! Perform a random act of kindness tomorrow and every day until Christmas and I promise you will feel the warmth of your childhood. We can, at least, make our island homes more serene by just sharing our kindness with others.

Happy Holidays,
Shannon Michael

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