Why is There a Stick in My Peanut Butter?We don’t usually buy peanut butter anymore. We took on a lifestyle change a couple of years ago and switched from buying peanut butter to the healthier alternative, almond butter. However, when our grandson came to Fernandina Beach to finish the school year (his school was destroyed by a tornado on March 2nd) we bought him some peanut butter from our local grocery when we ran out of almond butter, which we normally purchased from Sam’s Club in Jacksonville.

I opened a brand new jar of Peter Pan crunchy peanut butter, scooped out a spoonful and found a stick in the peanut butter. The label said, “No high fructose corn syrup.” But it didn’t say anything about where this crunchy peanut butter’s crunch came from. I’m guessing, perhaps, the crunch comes from sticks!

Of course, I sent an email to ConAgra Foods, Peter Pan’s parents, expressing my concerns about their quality control and included the lot number and expiration date of the jar. That must have been good enough for them, because they never asked if I had pictures, nor did they ask me to return the jar, or the stick. They simply thanked me for my concerns with a new wave “form letter” (disguised as a personal email) and it included the promise of coupons heading my way via snail-mail.

Just the other day I received the promised coupons. They sent me two coupons for one free ConAgra product… which includes my choice of vegetable oil, margarine and of course, peanut butter; none of which would we buy on a regular basis. So, I think we will use the coupons on peanut butter for our grandson’s next visit, but this time we will select the smooth and creamy style instead of the crunchy!

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