Women Consider Bartering in a Bad Economy

It used to be common to barter commodities. Women would strike a deal and both parties walked away a winner.

Women Consider Bartering in a Bad Economy

Women Consider Bartering in a Bad Economy

Women, have you thought of bartering during this tight economy? Just the word conjures up visual images of how you have bartered already in your life as a woman. Years ago, it was common place to barter commodities. Vegetables, cows or their milk, and the chicken and the egg! The women would strike a fair deal and both parties would walk away a winner.

Keep in mind that to barter is to make a fair trade. A simple exchange that satisfies either a need or a want for both recipients.

In today’s economy you can still barter, even if you don’t have a farm. First you need to determine what it is you need and what you have to offer. Do you need someone to mow your grass? Consider babysitting in exchange for the young family next door to mow your yard.

You may need to be creative if you think you have nothing to offer, because you do. Do you know someone going on vacation? You could offer to water their plants, care for their pets and bring in the mail. If you are an artist, musician or teacher, you can barter by providing free lessons. Are you good with computers, digital cameras or cell phones? You can offer to help someone set up their computer, learn how to use their camera or program all of those cell phone numbers and add a ring tone to the cell phone.

Maybe cooking is your specialty. Consider trading prepared meals. Are you good with a sewing machine? How about offering your skills for mending clothes? Are you a copywriter? (Do you need a copywriter? Cough, cough!) Exchange your words for goods or services. Teach dance class, or offer skating lessons, or surf lessons, or become a personal trainer. When you think about all of the gifts you have to offer, you will be on your way to bartering in no time!

Check your closets, your basements, your garage and your attic. What do you have physically, that you could trade? One woman’s junk is another’s treasure, right? You could even offer to organize other people’s closets.

There are many ways to promote what you are looking for and what you are willing to trade. You can go online and the use of sites like Craig’s List makes your possibilities limitless. If you prefer to stay local, simply start by telling your friends and neighbors. In no time at all you will be catering a Chamber of Commerce event in exchange for a new sofa and loveseat!

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  1. publisher_sa

    A friend of mine barters living in a farmhouse and a piece of land for his talent and knowledge to renovate the entire farm. He used to be in construction before the recession hit.

  2. Stacy

    Great article and i agree, bartering is another good option to save some money in a bad economy. I am also trading with friends or neighbors and i also tried craigslist but now i am trading on barterquest.com, its a nice site and its safe.

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